The Foundation (501 C 3), with local community leadership and involvement, will present information concerning child welfare, health, safety and emotional well-being at local meetings at schools, churches, conferences and other public gathering places where interactive discussions can occur. Encouraging such discussions will fully answer questions, dispel fears, and increase acceptance of vital health care information concerning children in diverse communities within the Foundation’s catchment area. Where appropriate, volunteer pediatricians will participate. The Foundation will not engage in any lobbying of any kind.

Because the Foundation is taking child welfare, child health, child safety and child emotional well-being information beyond the physician’s office, directly to children, parents and local communities within the Foundation’s catchment area, the Foundation has many collaborative allies and expects to receive funding from grants and charitable donations. The Foundation will recast qualified programs presented to physicians and health care professionals into public presentations made directly to the community. This will amplify the effect of these programs. Local community leadership will help to promote these programs and provide input to make them more effective in their communities.   

Our Story

The Foundation will develop partnerships with like-minded nonprofit and charitable organizations to offer education on important health issues for children in Northern California. We will offer grants to organizations who are currently working on worthy child related community projects to ensure that their work is completed successfully. The Foundation will serve as a resource for the community, public health departments, families and children in Northern California to improve the lives of infants, children and youth in our catchment area.

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